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$40 plus Shipping and Handling Per Bottle
Highest Vibration Possible
13 Essential Oils
Coconut Oil Based
Can Also Be Used As Skin Moisturizer
Softens and Stimulates Skin

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After using Regrow Naturally for a couple of weeks, I noticed my hair began to look healthier and fuller and after a month, I noticed new growth began to appear at the roots. Because I had a public appearance I had to make each week and I taught classes on a regular basis out in the public, people began to remark on how much fuller and healthier my hair was looking.
I had been using Regrow for about 6 weeks and went in for my usual hair color touch up and my hair dresser asked me what I had been doing to my hair. I asked him why? He said that new growth was appearing at the roots all over my head. I shared with him what I was doing and he asked me to make him up a bottle and I did and he started using it as a skin moisturizer and he said it made shaving so much easier and his skin became softer and more youthful looking.
I used it for about a month and set it aside and forgot about it. Then I went in for a hair cut about three months later and my stylist said that I was sprouting a new drop of hair at the roots all over my head.
My hair has never looked better. I thought all my natural curl had gone away because I had been dying my hair a lot over the last few years and my hair was pretty dry and frizzed. Then I started using Regrow and after three weeks, the natural curl began returning. I have been using it about three months now and my curls are back and I have never looked better. I am also going through a divorce so my Spirit was down but with the return of my curls and my beautiful thickening hair, I feel more confident again and am ready to move on.
Testimonial from a man. “I had psoriasis really bad and started using Regrow Naturally daily and it has healed up about 75%.