Judy Higdon - Psychic Counselor, Hypnotherapist & Matrix Energetics Healer

Are you hurting in your relationships? Are you being passed over for promotions at work? Have you fallen in love with someone other than your partner and you don’t know what to do? Should you buy that house? When will you find work and what will it be?

Judy Higdon, psychic counselor, licensed hypnotherapist and Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner can bring clarity and understanding to you about what is happening in your life. By listening to your Guides, Judy can show you a better approach to your situation and help you realize your true potential desires.

We are all given many gifts with which to navigate this sea of life. We have sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, feeling and intuition. We are all born intuitional. Without this sense, our ancestors would not have survived and flourished among the early competition for food and shelter. This is how we know what house to buy, what job to take, what mate to pick, what turn to take in the road to a great new discovery.

Quantum physics has proven that we are basically an energy being with a physical body, in other words, we are a soul possessing a physical suit case. If we took the world around us and ground it down to its most basic elements, we would find ourselves standing in a soup of swirling atoms, particles, quarks, and all kinds of things with energy blinking in and out like stars against the night sky. This is pure reality. From this soup we create our reality with our thoughts, passions and intentions, every moment of every day. Our beliefs form the foundation on which we stand, our hopes and fears form the outside shell of our lives and from this creation springs our day, unique, holy and special.

Most of the time we are so busy surviving and trying to construct an abundant reality, we don’t take the time to stop and listen to the guidance that is coming into us twenty four hours a day. Judy can replay for you the messages that are being given to you from your higher source. Judy can see through the seemingly negative situations you may find yourself in and can shine a light into your life to help you better understand the choices that are facing you.

Judy can give you deeper insights into your life that will help and support you in making the right decision for your highest good. You deserve it and you have a Divine right to have it.

Contact Judy today at 757-679-3113 or send an email to Judyhigdon@cox.net to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how psychic counseling, hypnotherapy and Matrix Energetics healing can help you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Address: 4101 Granby Street, Suite 302, Norfolk, Va. 23504


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